Compositions that would ultimately remain untouched after they were "Xeroxed" - the paper proofs remaining as witness to the event.

Carved Surfaces

So why was woodcut so popular in Lithuanian art?

The Wash Series

the kitchen after dinner, it was full of cigarette smoke and busting through the haze, a Planet Lamp with a 60 watt bulb spread its light onto the table

Various works

From the archives - a few Passions His topics were simple observations of mankind in mundane scenarios, humble people in humble activity, without commentary, without criticism, just with sheer delight in their being. Casual observations about his life at work and around

Drawing with tea

The best graphic invention in the 70's was the Xerox When the Xerographic office photocopier was introduced by Xerox in 1959, it gradually replaced much more temporary media made by carbon paper, mimeograph machines, Verifaxes, Photostats, and other duplicating machines. The type of


Ink up a sheet of glass, lightly lay down a sheet of paper - draw. Depending on the pressure and fineness of the drawing tool, your line will...


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