From the archives – a few Passions

His topics were simple observations of mankind in mundane scenarios,

humble people in humble activity, without commentary, without criticism, just with sheer delight in their being.


Referencing the Bible for illustrative purposes, Viktor found powerful simplicity within his noir expressionism...



In Lithuania, it developed with more energy than other graphic techniques. It was greatly influenced by European art, and in the history of woodcuts, Lithuanian printmakers could see within it, the movement of their own unique style of art.


Black ink, and its many shades, was a favourite of Viktoras', his early years of working as a printer in a Vilnius publishing house seeped into his veins.


USE ANYTHING YOU CAN FIND, NOT JUST INK The Xerox was an instamatic camera which came out with a solid black & white image of whatever you placed under its eye. Like the pioneers of

Casual observations about his life at work and around the local area in Thomastown and the workplace: engineers, the boss, the regular white collared Aussie, and occasionally a trip to the beach
Kids and all, Domestic
A wonderful source of illustrative concerns
Reaching into the stories from the Bible, Biblical and historical themes became a staple of the output
He would take the sheets of paper into the bathroom and run the tap over them, dampening enough to be be wet without dripping. He then applied India Ink in a most evocative way
Fun, Wash series
“Since 1870, the Victorian Artists Society has been home to the avant-garde. A place of learning where the masters of tomorrow hone their skills”, so the accolade goes. Viktoras went often to the Society in East Melbourne to attend Life Drawing sessions

Working with Languages

Translating from ancient Persian to Hungarian, from Ancient Greek to Lithuanian, English to Polish, Viktoras would take his translations and begin to illustrate them, adding textures and collages to their words.

  • Translations from “Sapho” the Greek poet
  • Poems from the Hungarian master poet,
  • Collections of letters to friends