Project Description

The Reference Bible


As Lithuania was predominantly a fervent Roman Catholic based faith, Viktor was as well. He visited his parish church at the St John’s church in East Melbourne and participated in the Lithuanian community’s activities which continued off the morning service: there was the Sunday school which taught the basics of the language, history and memories of the geography and life back in Lithuania, Scouting activities which brought a sense of adventure for the kids, and of course, social intercourse with Folk Dancing, the Arts and major time, basketball.

Searching for subject matter to illustrate was not far away: the Bible always intrigued him and often he would illustrate a part of it, be it the moment Judas was paid the pieces of silver, the trial of Christ, the crucifixion, amongst other moments of biblical history.

A collection of images started to accumulate and possibly an intent was to put a series together. The dialogue never happened.

But we are left with a legacy of intriguing images.

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