Bonegilla – Victoria 1949-50

These "Balts" : The press described them as attractive, cheery, eager to work, adaptable and neatly clad. They were 'particularly good types'.

The First Book

Teaching children how to pronounce a 4,000 year old language was reduced down to a delightfully musical and picturesque book

Logo design

What is the secret to a very strong logo? Well, it isn't being too clever....

Images of biblical moments

The Reference Bible   Searching for subject matter to illustrate was not far away: the Bible always intrigued him and often he would illustrate a part of it, be it the moment Judas was paid the pieces of silver, the trial of Christ, the crucifixion,

Life Studies

Visits to the Albert Street Victorian Artist's Society for life drawing lessons were more than just sharpening pencils, they sharpened the eye and the wit as well!

L’École des Artes et Metiers

An oasis of artistic learning for expatriate Lithuanian artists


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