Drawing with tea

The best graphic invention in the 70's was the Xerox When the Xerographic office photocopier was introduced by Xerox in 1959, it gradually replaced much more temporary media made by carbon paper, mimeograph machines, Verifaxes, Photostats, and other duplicating machines. The type of powders used in surfacing the substrates varied in intensity and blackness. Viktor began using the current model machines in the


Ink up a sheet of glass, lightly lay down a sheet of paper - draw. Depending on the pressure and fineness of the drawing tool, your line will...

Whimsical Lines

The cliche of an artist is the way they position their subject: a front-on image as if it is a portrait becomes tedious to me, I need to see the activity, no matter how passive it may be, but a nuance of irregularity that the subject holds with every move they make:

Lost wax – lost poly

CASTING: The polystyrene became the wax in casting these sculptures. Sand was packed around the maquettes, liquid metal then poured into the box, melting away the polystyrene, cooling then revealing a metallic version of the original model.

String Theory

By draping a flexible string of cotton thread onto sticky paper, his wonderful heads would begin to emerge:

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